Single Origin Of The Month Club

Each month we are roasting a new guest Single Origin bean to showcase some of the world's best coffee. These special Single Origin roasts are on a pre-order basis only and are produced in small-batch strictly limited, numbered editions.

We will announce each month's Single Origin roast below.

Single Origin Of The Month Roasting Schedule

JULY is Kenyan Meru month

***Now available for pre-orders only until 20/07/18. Order here.***

Grown at high elevation (~1700m) in Meru County on the North Eastern slopes of Mount Kenya, this Kenyan Meru AA single origin is a lightly roasted batch that displays a clean cup with hints of citrus and muted cocoa flavours. With this single origin, expect some intense, lively & bright complex flavours that are classic features that make Kenya's coffee beans favourites for coffee lovers around the world.

Previous Single Origin Roasts

JUNE is Colombian Supremo Arabica month

***Sold Out***

Colombian Supremo is a specialty coffee favourite and, for good reason. This bean produces a stunning Arabica brew with a smooth complex body with balanced acidity. Think undertones of citrus, sweetness and chocolate flavours. This is why Colombian coffee is world renowned.

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